About Us


Ideal English School

Ideal English School welcomes you to our website! We ask you to take the time to go through our website with your child, while making a confident decision in choosing a pre-schooling as well as schooling program! Enjoy

Our Mission

Our Ideal English School enables your child to interact socially with children and adults other than their families and daily caregivers. They learn about sharing and getting along with others while having fun! The children are exposed to a variety of art media such as paint, glue, crayons, magnets and play dough. The children also enjoy snack time together, listen to stories, and sing songs. This experience allows the opportunity to ease into a Nursery School setting. Our Playgroup teacher is also our Nursery teacher, which makes the transition that much easier.

Be Part of Our School

Ideal English School embraces the opportunity and privilege to be working with your child and with you, the parents. A sound nursery, preschool and school experience is an investment in the positive development of your child. You can be confident your "Ideal English School" is getting the best education available in the hands of our experienced and qualified teachers!

Our Goal

"Every young child by the age of 3 needs other children his own age, not just to have fun with, but also to learn how to get along with. This is the most important job of his life."

Getting into the right preschool is never an accident; it is an outcome of the right decision at the right time.